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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sim Social - Dirty Little Secret !

Is the game Sims Social really too easy?

A new game has been introduced on Facebook which is in the popular game series of Sims. This game is growing at a rapid pace. I was impressed that in a very short span of time, the game has become very popular among Facebook users. I first tried it when I had heard so much about it that I just had to try it myself. I wondered why I should not give the game a try and find out whether it is actually easy and fun to play or not. I started playing the game Sims Social and found that it is easy to play. But soon I found that I didn’t know how to earn more Simoleons. I was at a loss. There are several methods through which you need to earn Sim cash and benefit from all kinds of talents, goodies, new levels, etc.

All this made me curious to learn how to progress in the game. And I started looking for guides for the game available on the internet by various authors. But no guide is useful enough to understand the game’s concepts, tips and tricks. Then, somehow I came to know about the eBook of Sims Social Game authored by Tony Sanders. It contains all the important concepts of the game in such a manner that you can master the game. All the tips that enable you to earn more Simoleons are also mentioned in this guide. How a player should make use of various 'traits' in the Sim’s life to have additional bonus is also described in an easy and understandable format.

I have been religiously following this guide during all stages of the game and I never run out of tips and learning about the game at any stage. That is not all – even after mastering the basics of the game, you can learn so much extra about the game which is not commonly known. This guide has stuff you won't find elsewhere. What makes this guide stand out is that it includes snapshots from the game itself and all aspects of all levels are explained in a very simple manner. Use the guide to play the Sims Social and you will be amazed how fast you progress!

The secret of sims social guide

The game Sims Social seems to be very easy to play at the initial stages but gradually as you move to higher levels of the game, you find yourself lost somewhere in the game. Very soon you find that you are out of cash - that is simoleons. This is my personal experience in the game and that is why I am able to tell you about all this.

When I started playing Sim Social, then I found it very easy and interesting too but I didn't know how to build a room or anything in the game as this requires help from three of your Facebook friends. I kept on playing as suggested by the automated guide of the Sims Social. Eventually, I decided to set up my home as I wished to. Later, I changed my mind and sold everything. But due to lack of knowledge of the game, I found myself stuck in the game. Soon I had lost everything and needed three friends to build a home. Sims Social game is new to Facebook. I did not have any Facebook friends playing the game so I really had no one to help me build my home. I felt disappointed about the game.

I started searching on the internet for tips and secrets of the game and started following all the rules and suggestions given by different people who had written the guide for the Sims Social. But I was unable to make much progress. It was only when someone suggested this great guide by Tony Sanders that things changed for me. Thankfully this guide gave me direction and the will to move ahead in the game and finally I was able to build my home as I wished to. Through the guide, I mastered all the tips and tricks of the game Sims Social.

Now I have many neighbors and I have reached higher levels but still I keep gaining from the suggestions mentioned in this guide. This is the best investment and you can learn several tips and suggestions about the game from this guide. I think I could recommend this guide based on my personal experience.

The guide with all the secret tips for Sims Social

Ever been lonely or just too tired with your real life? But you don't want to waste time playing one of those energy-sapping games on Facebook that leave you more depressed than when you started out? Check out Sims Social.

It's the game to play these days. It's already topping the charts ahead of most top-rated games and is a simulation of real life. You could have it all in Sims Social. You choose your personality – known as a Sim. You could even choose your gender. Then you choose your traits and build a home and invite neighbors. There are things to do and lifepoints to earn. You have to build a home, build a relationship, build a life!

I take that last line from this super Sims Social guide by Tony Sanders. You would be lost if you didn't pick up this ebook guide. It helps you unlock the full potential of the game as you go about developing your virtual character. The guide explains in detail how you could set up your entire Sims Social life online right from scratch.

Sims Social lays emphasis on 'staying happy'. But it's a tough call – that is if you don't know all the tips and tricks for earning points, Sim currency, etc. Sanders' guide explains all that and more.

There are several levels and relationship status that you have to explore and cross. Higher levels give you more goodies, talents, traits, etc. Relationships help you evolve your Sims Social life. Depending upon confirmation from both players, you could interact with a player from scratch as a neighbor and go on to become soul mates – just like in real life. There are hobbies, tasks and work to be done.

Go get the guide, get a Sims Social life.

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